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12 Days Of Christmas

Starting this Friday, December 4, 2020, at noon (CST) Baseball Card Exchange will begin our annual “12

Days of Christmas” specials. Each day at noon (CST) from this Friday (December 4 th ) through Tuesday

(December 15 th ) we will post a daily “12 Days of Christmas“ special. You can find these specials by clicking on the "Special" tab or by typing

“12 Days of Christmas” in the search bar of our website (www.bbce.com). This year each of the specials

will feature (FASC) items. (FASC) items are unopened products that have all been pulled by us “From A

Sealed Case”. All items will be wrapped in Baseball Card Exchange shrink wrap and labeled “From A

Sealed Case”. There will be a limited number of listings available daily (usually 20) and a limit of one

listing per person per day.

We know that many of our customers will be purchasing the specials each day and asking for them to be

combined and shipped together at the end of the “12 Days of Christmas” specials. Combined shipping

gets a little complicated. The USPS rates quoted through our website are crazy cheap. This is because

the company running our website gets a ridiculously low rate because of the number of clients they

have and the quantity of packages that ship through USPS. So, if you place multiple orders and request

that they be combined, you will be charged the shipping on each order. When the specials are over, we

will combine your orders, ship them, and refund the difference.