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Authentication Security Update 8-13-21

We wanted to give a quick update on a few things we’ve been working on. As some of you may have noticed, our labels for authentication have changed drastically. Over the past few months we have added a QR code to boxes over a certain value. When scanned with your phone, this will take you to our website and a photo is that exact box. Like a signature, no two boxes have the BBCE wrap in the exact same spots. This will allow for a quick check on authenticity that was not previously available.

Our next step was to introduce in entirely new label. You can see this label in the two pictures, one with the QR code and one without. This new label has two different holograms. The main BBCE logo is now a hologram as well as a foil hologram strip along the bottom of the label. Inside the bottom strip is our logo, WWW.BBCE.COM, and BASEBALL CARD EXCHANGE. Our hope is that this should provide more than enough security for all of our BBCE Authenticated items moving forward.

We do know that there will always be people who try to fake these things. Whether it’s us, PSA, Beckett, or any other company in our industry, the amount of money will entice people to do shady things. We hope we have provided confidence to our customers for the future, and we will continue to always try to be a step ahead. Thank you all and any suggestions/complaints are always welcome!