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Authentication Update 7-1-21

We have really made some great progress on the backlog of authentication over the last few months. Back on February 15th, we made the decision to limit what could be submitted for authentication and wrapping. As much as I did not want to do that, it was the best thing we did. We were getting just an unimaginable amount of stuff in every day. At the time, we were telling people that turnaround was going to be 4-6 months. However, as it turned out, the longest it was taking for most orders was 3 months to slightly longer. I would prefer that we said 4-6 months, and have it taken less, than tell you 2-3 months and have it been longer! So here we are on July 1st and things look very favorable going forward. During the month of July, we will be preparing for the National Convention that starts the week of July 26th. So, we cannot open the gates just yet as July will be a rough month! Therefore, lets continue with factory sealed cases only and boxes valued at $300 or higher for July. After the week of the National, we will make a statement on re-opening authentication. There are going to be a few changes. There really must be some changes! If we just go back to things were, it will probably take 1 month for us to be buried and behind 4-6 months again!

We have also implemented a few new security features for our wrapped items. Sometime right before the National Convention, we will have a new label that goes on the bottom of every box. This new label with be embedded with holographic foil containing the BBCE logo. This extra layer of security will be in 2 different locations on the label. Once we begin using this new label, every single box will have it on bottom. Whether it be 1988 Donruss or 1986/87 Fleer basketball, all boxes will have this new layer of security. Also, you may have noticed a QR code that has been printed on the bottom label. This QR code will be added to boxes valued around $1000 and higher. You will then be able to take your smart phone and pull up an image of the bottom of the box when it was wrapped in our office. Therefore, you can match up the “fingerprints” of a box from when it was in our possession to wherever it is now for sale. You will be able to match up where our logos are in the shrink wrap. Sort of like how PSA prints a full letter for certain autographs with a picture. There are no two autographs that are the exact same and positioned in the same spot on two different items. Now you will be able to do this with our wrapped items.

 I will be making another post in about a week concerning how on-site authentication and wrapping will work at this years National Convention. Again, there will have to be some changes from previous years. In the past, we took in everything that came to the booth. We were barely able to have it all done by Sunday. Well, that was two years ago. Now with the explosion of the unopened market and the need for authentication, we expect it to be 10 times worse! Its not remotely possible for us to take in everything this year and have it completed by Sunday.

About 1 week after that, I will make another post just talking about the convention and some of the excitement that will come from BBCE for it!

Thanks! Steve Hart