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Steve Hart, Owner of Baseball Card Exchange, is the world’s foremost authenticator in the hobby of unopened vintage wax packs and authenticates them for PSA. Wax packs, also called unopened packs, are collectible cards still in their original packaging.

Tampered wax, cello and rack packs have become a major problem in the sports memorabilia hobby. Steve Hart estimates that at least 50 percent of non-authenticated unopened material for sale on eBay shows signs of tampering across all sports categories, including baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. This is primarily due to the fact that unopened wax packs are extremely popular with collectors and wrappers and commons can easily be purchased, allowing packs to be created and sold to unsuspecting collectors.

Ensuring a wax pack has been authenticated before buying or selling is extremely important. Vintage baseball card values continue to increase in value for mint material and one’s investment must be protected. The following is the process to have any unopened wax, cello, and rack packs authenticated.

  1. Baseball Card Exchange provides the service of authenticating unopened boxes. Full unopened boxes of Wax, Cello and Rack Packs can be authenticated. To submit unopened boxes for authentication, send an email to letting us know that you will be mailing a package for authentication.
  2. Please include some type of paperwork inside the package outlining your contact information, so that we can contact you when the authentication process is complete.
  3. Ship the package to the following:Baseball Card Exchange, Inc.
    Attn: Authentication
    2412 US Highway 41
    Schererville, IN 46375
  4. The charge for authentication will be 8% of the retail value of the box (minimum charge will be $8). The charge will be applied whether the unopened box is deemed “good” or “bad”. If the box is deemed “good”, it will be wrapped in our shrink wrap with a sticker identifying the box.
  5. Please note the customer is responsible for shipping charges both ways.


“From Sealed Case” – Only boxes that are removed from a sealed case by us will be marked as “From Sealed Case”.

Many of the vintage boxes that we sell on our website are already in our wrap. In most instances, any sport box pre-1985 will be wrapped. We also pre-wrap some of the more popular boxes (i.e. 1989 Score Football, 1989 Upper Deck Baseball, 1992 Bowman Baseball) or more expensive boxes (over $250). If you have a question on whether a box is in our wrap, just send us an email (

If you place an order through our website for a box that does not come in our wrap, and would like it wrapped, just make a note in the comments section of your order and we will wrap it and charge accordingly.

We do not “over-wrap” and box that has factory wrap from another manufacturer (Upper Deck, Donruss, etc.)

We will not authenticate individual packs. This service is provided by PSA. We can do rack packs.