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Latest Updates and 2019 NSCC

Well, we are about three weeks into the new website and we are pretty happy with the progress. While

we have fixed a lot of the issues, there’s still a few gremlins lingering around. Probably the biggest issue

on the customer end would be the “New Items” or “Back in Stock” links. We are working on it but there

isn’t an easy fix, yet. After the National (see below), we will be back at it. But, if you could see it, we

have put almost 500 items back in stock with many more to come! We also have a couple hundred new

items to list also. Unfortunately, we won’t get to those until… after the National.

And of course, The National Sports Collectors Convention will be here in Chicago (actually Rosemont, IL)

this year. The show runs from Wednesday, July 31 st to Sunday, August 4th. We will be set up in the

Corporate Area (Booth #830) so please stop on by and see us. Like so many years in the past Steve

always stashes some of the really cool, rarely seen goodies for the show. And I just found out today

from Steve, there is going to be an absolute “MONSTER” of an item.

Since we are talking about the website and the National, many of the items on the website will be going

to the show with us. If an order is place for an item that we have taken with us to the National, that

order will not ship, until we return from the National.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at webstore@bbcexchange.com.

Thank you, Rick.