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Modern Authentication Coming 2022!

Coming in 2022!! We are excited to announce that Baseball Card Exchange will be begin authenticating and wrapping modern boxes. It seems as though every day we have customers asking us to authenticate modern boxes in our Baseball Card Exchange shrink wrap. In the past, we did not wrap any box issued from a manufacturer with their own shrink wrap. This past summer we made the decision to move forward and expand our existing box authentication to include modern boxes. So, we ordered some new wrap… and waited... and waited. Yes, our new modern box wrap has been stuck on one of those cargo ships off the California coast for a couple months. Finally, yesterday, it was delivered. We are still hammering out the details, but there will be a least a few different options available. Please look for more specific details coming during the beginning of 2022. Most importantly, do not ship us any modern boxes at this time. Thank you, Rick.