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Welcome To The New Baseball Card Exchange Website!

Well after about six months of work, here it is! Our new website will have some new and exciting features. Most importantly, our new site will be compatible with phones and tablets! So now while you're waiting in the airport or just sitting in the "library," you'll be able to search for some exciting unopened product. Many of the changes are happening on the admin side to make our life easer, so please bear with us as we identify any errors!

A few things you will need to know about your account. You will need to update/change your password. You will also need to add your credit card information to your account, we did not migrate any old credit card information to the new site for security purposes. If your account is not showing up, you will need to create a new one.

Check our blog frequently as we will be (trying very hard) to keep everyone updated on all that is happening at the Baseball Card Exchange!

Please check out our authentication page, we have a new form for submission!

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for the new website, please contact us at webstore@bbcexchange.com